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ARCHIBUS creates business intelligence that accelerates understanding of your real estate portfolio, workspaces, and operations, while optimizing business processes.

Capital Project Management

  • ARCHIBUS Capital Budgeting


      • Summarizes all capital planning activity in a consistent format to prioritize programs and projects, coordinate activities, and budget resourcess
      • Develops a centralized methodology to efficiently manage capital projects across multiple departments and sites
      • Enables "what-if" planning to reduce business interruption and cost overruns
      • Integrates condition assessment, capital budgeting, and project management functions to better allocate budget and resources for complete end-to-end planning

      Easily generate a visual representation of planned budgets by spending category to help justify capital requests.

      Access to defensible capital budgeting information reduces the risk of undertaking expensive, time-consuming projects that ultimately fail due to inadequate resources. The ARCHIBUS Capital Budgeting application provides a method for tracking the capital budget cycle from request and evaluation, through approval and funding. With this information in a single, centralized location, users can execute master planning, expansion, modernization, and consolidation projects in an organized, cost-effective manner.

  • ARCHIBUS Lease Administration


      Centralize and automate lease administration processes to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and avoid penalties.


      • Automates processes for lease tracking and management
      • Improves access of lease information to facilitate easy analysis and reporting
      • Streamlines tracking of landlord and tenant responsibilities to avoid unnecessary charges
      • Minimizes errors and speeds data entry through intuitive prompts, reducing administrative costs

      View project calendars and Gantt charts at the task, work package, project, or program level of detail to find schedule dependencies that affect the master plan.

      Ushering a successful project to its completion-whether it is a renovation, acquisition, construction, or move project -requires a well-organized repository of project data and workflow practices. ARCHIBUS Project Management gives project team members workflow access to a central storehouse of information that keeps all participants aligned with master planning goals. This helps ensure that projects remain on-schedule and within budget, while providing valuable benchmarking data for future projects.

  • ARCHIBUS Condition Assessment


      Track and effectively manage deferred maintenance liabilities to mitigate risk and enable a closed loop process in taking corrective actions.


      • Mitigates risk by prioritizing problems for correction, based on objective measures and organizational needs
      • Enables proactive identification of deficiencies to extend asset service life
      • Demonstrates how costs are associated with corrective measures to justify budgets
      • Reduces administrative cost by establishing a closed loop assessment and resolution process costs

      Track conditions in the field, identify high-priority items at a glance, and drill down to detailed information for taking immediate corrective action.

      Could you justify increased deferred maintenance and capital renewal spending based on static, and possibly outdated information? Web-based ARCHIBUS Condition Assessment provides an objective, dynamic process for evaluating physical assets to help substantiate corrective action, based on risk mitigation and operational priorities. Using Condition AssessmentĀfs accurate, timely repository can help increase asset service life, minimize costly downtime, reduce administrative expense, and streamline capital planning and budgeting processes. Successful deployment could deliver improved Facility Condition Indices at a lower total cost of occupancy.

  • ARCHIBUS Commissioning


      Collect, coordinate and share building information to identify and correct design/build issues prior to occupancy.


      • Streamlines the verification process that a facility and its systems meet the as-designed specifications and owner requirements
      • Improves operational efficiency through simplified chargeback/invoice/payment processing
      • Provides the mechanism to identify and correct problems early in the design/build process
      • Reduces costs associated with post-occupancy troubleshooting, claims, and corrective work
      • Optimizes downstream building performance by providing the tools to support continuous improvement in energy and operational cost savings

      ARCHIBUS Commissioning helps ensure smooth deployment of complex building systems and maintenance practices, resulting in fewer start-up issues and maintenance errors/omissions

      Building owners are often hindered by the lack of effective and efficient communication during the design, construction and commissioning stages, resulting in unnecessary costs and operational inefficiencies. The ARCHIBUS Commissioning application helps solve this problem by capturing and coordinating graphic and non-graphic data – including Building Information Modeling (BIM), as-builts, shop drawings, maintenance manuals, space, and equipment information – in one central repository. The application makes all data elements searchable and accessible for viewing using a Web browser or a mobile device. And the application correlates all the information to confirm a facility and its systems meet the as-designed specifications. ARCHIBUS Commissioning also helps lower the costs associated with claims and corrective actions, as well as optimize downstream building system performance.

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