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ARCHIBUS creates business intelligence that accelerates understanding of your real estate portfolio, workspaces, and operations, while optimizing business processes.

Workplace Services

  • ARCHIBUS Reservations


      Simplify scheduling and management of shared use space to increase efficiency and optimize utilization.


      • Simplifies securing shared space and associated resources with self-service Web forms to avoid double-bookings and facilitate productive meetings
      • Improves organizational productivity by streamlining invitations, scheduling, and reminders to participants via integration with Microsoft OutlookTM, Lotus NotesTM and Google CalendarsTM
      • Organizes and expedites reservations provision, tracking, service provider coordination, and reporting to optimize resource utilization

      ARCHIBUS Reservations guides users through the process of reserving a room, adding resources such as catering and teleconferencing, and inviting colleagues and visitors.

      How well an organization manages the time of its most valuable and costly resource - its people - is the measure of a truly effective and collaborative environment. Eliminate embarrassing double-bookings, rooms too large or small for a meeting's purpose, and misallocation of resources with Web-based ARCHIBUS Reservations. The ARCHIBUS Reservations application provides an intuitive, integrated solution for scheduling shared space and associated amenities. It gives you control over all details involved in planning, scheduling, and tracking shared space including easily coordinating internal or external service providers who support audio-visual, catering, or other requirements.

  • ARCHIBUS Service Desk


      Provide a centralized, self-service portal for common service requests to promote organizational efficiency and reduce administrative costs.


      • Streamlines requests for all services through simple forms, intelligent workflows, and automated notification of status changes
      • Reduces administrative overhead and operating costs by enabling a self service environment
      • Increases efficiency by enforcing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to control resource access and standards
      • Improves performance measurement/analysis and elevates customer satisfaction

      Access summary reports to analyze historical service request costs and plan for future budget.

      Is your organization experiencing frequent errors and missed priorities because service requests are not being handled properly? Eliminate the need for dedicated personnel to handle service requests and provide a centralized, self-service portal for common service requests. ARCHIBUS Service Desk is a Web-based application that provides simple, self-service processes for commonly requested services, including moves/adds/changes, room reservations, project management, among many other requests. Service Desk automates the service request cycle through Service Level Agreement (SLA) designations that authorize, prioritize, route, and complete requests. Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction with ARCHIBUS Service Desk.

  • ARCHIBUS Hoteling


      Promote space efficiency, reduced carbon footprint, and flexible work arrangements through a shared workspace program.


      • Lowers real estate and associated costs by improving space utilization and enabling the disposition of excess inventory
      • Reduces overall carbon emissions and workplace operating costs based on a smaller, more efficient facilities footprint resulting from improved space utilization
      • Provides flexibility to accommodate a mobile workforce and increase employee satisfaction
      • Allows easy implementation of chargebacks to encourage responsible and efficient use of space

      ARCHIBUS Hoteling lets organizations book rooms, and display their locations, to support visiting teleworkers and dynamic project-based teams.

      At many organizations, office space is frequently underutilized by 50% or more, resulting in a larger than necessary real estate and carbon footprint, along with their associated costs. Web-based ARCHIBUS Hoteling enables organizations to more fully utilize existing space, potentially reduce leased/owned space in their portfolios, as well as decrease carbon emissions and workspace operating costs. It supports temporary allocation of on-site workspace to dynamic project-based teams and makes implementation of increasingly popular telework initiatives possible. Additionally, Hoteling simplifies implementation of shared space chargebacks, which further encourages space efficiency and responsibility for occupancy costs.

  • ARCHIBUS Fleet Management


      Optimize the utilization and performance of your mobile assets.


      • Optimizes fleet utilization and avoids unnecessary capital investment
      • Boosts fleet availability through improved preventive maintenance
      • Lowers operating costs by enabling implementation of experience-based maintenance programs
      • Promotes compliance with fleet policies and operating procedures

      Easily manage your maintenance schedules, vehicle availability, and service parts inventory with detailed reports.

      Maintaining your organization's fleet of mobile assets is crucial to the safety and efficiency of your operations. Optimize fleet performance by tracking every vehicle's usage, availability, maintenance schedules and more with ARCHIBUS Fleet Management. Combining this information with other facilities and infrastructure management data also improves your ability to control costs and assign resources. Fleet Management can be personalized and added to an existing ARCHIBUS deployment or can be implemented separately as a stand-alone solution. It is configured, personalized, and deployed via a client server or Web-based platform based on client-specific needs.

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