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The IWMS solution that packs a punch

TRIRIGA helps organizations with significant real estate portfolios streamline and automate operational processes resulting in increased return on assets and mitigation of regulatory risks.

Additional IBM TRIRIGA Solutions

  • TRIRIGA SaaS - JLL Cloud Solutions 

      When deploying enterprise IWMS solutions, companies have historically been required to acquire software licenses and buy and maintain IT infrastructure, often at a very high up front cost and additional recurring costs. SaaS provides an alternatives. By choosing JLL Cloud Solutions, your organization can leverage shared computing and storage resources along with licensing and umbrella maintenance of your favorite IWMS application to allow you to focus on your ROI, not your cost of ownership.

      Why take advantage of a SaaS solution?

      Lower Costs
      A SaaS application is subscription-based with a low monthly cost. No up-front software licensing fees mean lower initial costs. Having JLL manage the IT infrastructure means lower IT costs for hardware, software, and the salaries to manage it all.

      Painless Upgrades
      Because JLL manages all updates and upgrades, there are no patches for customers to install, and no unexpected upgrade costs to stay current as the platform and applications evolve. JLL also manages scaling and availability, so there's no need for customers to add or upgrade hardware or bandwidth as the user base grows.

      What about I.T.?
      A recent survey of a thousand IT professionals by Forrester Research found that internal IT departments are increasingly turning to SaaS solutions as a way to offload the management of non-mission-critical applications. They have also found that SaaS pricing models can create a more predictable cost of ownership for enterprise applications.
  • TREES - TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability

      Environmental sustainability software to reduce energy costs and achieve carbon reduction goals
      IBM TRIRIGA TREES delivers the environmental sustainability software that your organization needs to lower energy costs and generate higher savings from carbon reduction projects. Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features identify carbon intensive facilities and processes, analyze financial and environmental benefits of environmental sustainability investments, and automate carbon reduction actions. With TREES, your organization streamlines carbon accounting and environmental investment analysis to reduce energy costs and achieve carbon management strategies.

      Streamlines enterprise carbon accounting
      IBM TRIRIGA TREES loads energy cost information directly from utility invoices and energy service providers then automatically calculates your organization’s carbon footprint using the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol to streamline enterprise carbon accounting.

      Generates higher savings from sustainability projects
      IBM TRIRIGA TREES automatically grinds through complex formulas to evaluate the financial and environmental impact of capital investment decisions focused on energy and environmental efficiency strategies. You'll get the information you need to make more informed sustainability investments, strengthen environmental initiatives, and deliver high return sustainability projects.

      Keeps facilities operating at peak environmental efficiency
      IBM TRIRIGA TREES automates corrective and preventive maintenance schedules and alerts to maintain your facilities at peak resource and energy efficiency. Increase the utilization of expensive facilities with strategic space planning features designed to show you environmental reduce greenhouse gases from underperforming facilities.
  • IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform

      TRIRIGA's extensible application platform makes applications adaptable to unique customer needs
      In today's rapid business environment, progressive organizations must retain both strategic advantage and operational excellence. They must have adaptable business processes, coupled with an agile technology platform to support their changing business needs. Business solutions require extensible application features, adaptable business logic, and scalability to perform as demands grow. The technology behind the applications; its architecture, its ability to integrate with other critical business systems, and its ability to adapt are crucial to a successful deployment and user adoption.

      The IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform™ provides customers with graphical and highly intuitive configuration tools to rapidly configure and reconfigure applications, and extend application value. The use of standards-based technology, interfaces, and high-performance workflow process engine to drive interoperability with critical business systems. IBM TRIRIGA's tiered architecture and performance benchmarks provide key tools and system configuration guidance to achieve enterprise-class scalability.

      The IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform reduces traditional software development time up to 33% through the use of more than 16 web-based designers. IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform designers configure, extend, and add new application functionality without changes to source code. IBM TRIRIGA customers model their unique business processes with the same configuration tools used to build pre-defined IBM TRIRIGA applications. IBM TRIRIGA's object migration tool preserves changes made to customer applications during upgrades.

      The IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform improves interoperability to an organization's critical business systems such as financial management and ERP systems. The IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform provides four key integration tools to connect IBM TRIRIGA applications and processes to other enterprises systems.

      1. IBM TRIRIGA BusinessConnect provides a Web Service API used to insert, update and query operations for all records within the IBM TRIRIGA applications.
      2. IBM TRIRIGA DataConnect provides a bulk load data migration utility to import data into IBM TRIRIGA records.
      3. Single Sign-on Integration (SSO) overrides IBM TRIRIGA's login process with external LDAP or Active Directory authentication.
      4. IBM TRIRIGA Offline capabilities provide a dynamic import and export of IBM TRIRIGA data using formatted Microsoft ® Office Excel spreadsheets that are automatically processed as email attachments.

      IBM TRIRIGA's platform technology ensures on-line and asynchronous process performance through a scalable n-tier architecture. IBM TRIRIGA's platform was built to meet the needs of large Fortune ® 100 and Federal government organizations with deployments of tens of thousands of users. IBM TRIRIGA's platform technology scales horizontally to provide scalable application performance with added web servers, application servers, and the separation of synchronous on-line transaction processes from asynchronous processes. IBM TRIRIGA publishes platform performance benchmarks to provide sizing requirements and performance configuration guidelines to ensure enterprise-class performance.
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