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The IWMS solution that packs a punch

TRIRIGA helps organizations with significant real estate portfolios streamline and automate operational processes resulting in increased return on assets and mitigation of regulatory risks.

Workplace Enterprise Management (IWMS)

  • IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate

      Real estate management software to improve lease accounting and reduce occupancy costs
      IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate delivers the real estate management software that your organization needs to reduce occupancy costs by 3% within one year, ranging up to 5%. Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features compare lease and purchase transactions, alert to potential CAM/OPEX overpayments and automate compliance with FAS 13 and internal audits. With IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate, your organization generates higher returns from real estate transactions, avoids lease penalties and overpayments and streamlines lease accounting.

      Generates higher returns from real estate transactions
      IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate evaluates financial, operational and environmental impacts across multiple lease-build-buy scenarios to generate the highest return from real estate transactions. Executives and real estate managers gain the information they need to compare sites and make more informed real estate decisions with advanced financial modeling, side-by-side transaction analysis and real estate performance metrics.

      Reduces real estate occupancy costs
      IBM TRIRIGAReal Estate delivers advanced critical date alerts, percentage rent calculations and payment reconciliation processes to reduce occupancy costs within lease accounting and administration functions. With TRIRIGA Real Estate, your organization gets the alerts and information needed to vacate underperforming locations, avoid overpayment and lower occupancy costs.

      Reduces real estate occupancy costs
      IBM TRIRIGAReal Estate delivers advanced critical date alerts, percentage rent calculations and payment reconciliation processes to reduce occupancy costs within lease accounting and administration functions. With TRIRIGA Real Estate, your organization gets the alerts and information needed to vacate underperforming locations, avoid overpayment and lower occupancy costs.
  • IBM TRIRIGA Projects

      Generates higher returns from your capital programs and projects
      IBM TRIRIGA Projects, our enterprise project management (EPM) software, delivers increased financial returns and accelerates project schedules through advanced project planning and project management features. Specifically, IBM TRIRIGA's project management software identifies priorities for funding allocations within capital programs, analyzes project risks and financial benefits and automates project management controls and alerts essential to deliver ad-hoc projects and complex programs of any size in an effective manner.

      Identifies program funding priorities to streamline project portfolio management
      IBM TRIRIGA Projects provides project management metrics that objectively determine and prioritize project funding requests to select the ideal project portfolio aligned with your enterprise’s business strategy. Built on a centralized project management repository of program, project and support data, IBM TRIRIGA Projects consolidates financial and environmental data and analyzes the information to expose data relationships too difficult and costly to create without enterprise project management software.

      Analyzes project risks and rewards to improve project planning decisions
      IBM TRIRIGA Projects evaluates risks, financial and environmental impacts associated with project planning across various investment scenarios to optimize project portfolios. IBM TRIRIGA Projects delivers the project management information your program executives and project managers need to compare project plans, make more informed project planning decisions and create higher-efficiency projects.

      Increases effectiveness of project delivery to accelerate project schedules
      The IBM TRIRIGA enterprise project management software delivers advanced project execution and control capabilities required to effectively complete projects on-time, within-budget and with the planned quality. Embedded workflows automate project management processes and critical alerts to reduce your risk of project cost and schedule over-runs, while vendor management controls increase consultant and contractor compliance with contracted terms to reduce costly project delays.
  • IBM TRIRIGA Facilities

      Facilities management software to improve space planning and increase facility utilization
      IBM TRIRIGA Facilities, our market leading computer-aided facilities management software, delivers millions of dollars in cost savings through advanced space planning and facilities management features. Use our facilities management software to identify under-utilized facilities, analyze strategic space planning scenarios, and streamlines actions to align facility utilization with strategic business drivers.

      Identifies under-utilized facilities
      IBM TRIRIGA Facilities provides advanced space management features to increase space utilization and reduce occupancy costs. Integrated AutoCAD® and MicroStation® tools provide bi-directional links and visual management of facilities, people and organizations based on Building Information Models and CAD floor plans, while automated CAFM workflows capture and allocate space usage charge-backs to internal departments.

      Simplifies strategic space planning analysis
      IBM TRIRIGA Strategic Facility Planning determines the best possible space planning scenarios to increase the utilization of underperforming facilities with advanced space planning capabilities that forecast, allocate and compare strategic facilities plans against business objectives, status-quo and other scenarios. Visually explore space planning scenarios with interactive supply and demand analysis and stack planning to see the effect of new facilities, lease terminations and renewals or demand-side actions such as headcount reductions.

      Streamlines move planning and execution
      IBM TRIRIGA Facilities delivers tactical move planning and execution capabilities required to streamline the implementation of strategic facilities plans, complex mergers and acquisitions and unforeseen business continuity scenarios. Embedded CAFM workflows automatically generate and assign moves to in-house and outsourced service providers, while facilities management performance metrics measure compliance with service agreements to reduce costly delays.
  • IBM TRIRIGA Operations

      IBM TRIRIGA Operations automates demand maintenance, planned maintenance schedules, self service requests, approvals, dispatching, cost tracking, and reports.
      Workplace organizations remain under pressure to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs while they deliver high quality services. To meet business, financial and customer requirements, maintenance organizations need to manage maintenance services with an approach that improves the efficiency of assets, increases the effectiveness of resources and improves the execution of maintenance processes.

      IBM TRIRIGA Operations suite automates demand and planned (or preventive) maintenance services and improves service provider management to reduce the cost of maintenance services. IBM TRIRIGA Operations' facility assessment tracks and evaluates buildings and assets deficiencies and environmental opportunities to improve the condition of real estate assets.

      Service Management
      IBM TRIRIGA Operations improves the performance of service providers within and outside the organization. Employee self-service portal and contact center expedite the capture of services request information. Automated duplicate request processes and embedded knowledge management improve cost avoidance within service initiation and minimize unnecessary service provider dispatches. IBM TRIRIGA Operations automatically routes corrective and planned work tasks to service providers based on service assignment rules defined within service level agreements, warranties and real estate leases to increase the efficiency of task assignments.

      Service Contracts
      IBM TRIRIGA Operations reduces maintenance costs through a three-way match between service contracts, completed work tasks and vendor task invoices. IBM TRIRIGA Operations tracks service level agreements and warranty contracts with automatic notifications on renewals and expirations as well as automated service assignment of work tasks. Task invoices automatically determine the preferred payment date to maximize payment discounts and reduce overall expenses.

      Facility Assessment
      IBM TRIRIGA Operations' facility assessment improves the asset value of an organization's real estate portfolio. Facility assessment captures facility, building system and asset deficiencies as well as opportunities to improve the environmental impact. IBM TRIRIGA Operations summarizes the deficiency costs based on an optional IBM TRIRIGA Connector for RSMeans and calculates the Facility Condition Index and Green Condition Index for each building. Embedded capital planning analysis provides configurable multi-year financial and risk impact of deficiencies and planned replacements.

      IBM TRIRIGA Operations evaluates the required investment, cost savings, carbon reduction and return on investment of each opportunity using embedded ENERGY STAR® calculations. IBM TRIRIGA Operations provides automated processes that generate planned work requests and capital projects to manage the remediation of deficiencies or implementation of environmental opportunities. Upon completion of the generated tasks within the project, IBM TRIRIGA Operations automatically updates deficiencies as completed and recalculates buildings' Facility Condition Index.
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