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The healthcare industry has seen dramatic change in the last decade. With a more complex regulatory environment and costs continuing to rise in caring for an aging population, many organizations are seeing impacts to their profitability. Healthcare organizations must balance quality of care, compliance and competitive market measures in order to flourish. Some of the challenges include:

  • Addressing Aging Facilities & Infrastructure
  • Leading Strategic Planning Efforts
  • Decreasing the Time-to-Market for New Facility Construction
  • Leading Cost Containment & Control Efforts
  • Contending with Limited Operational Budgets
  • Addressing Regulatory Compliance, Governance & Transparency Requirements

What can JLL Technology Solutions do for you?


      JLL has implemented IWMS technologies for many leading Healthcare organizations. To learn more about the Technologies we implement and the services we offer, please click below.

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics

      Our industry-leading Business Intelligence (BI) platforms assimilate business, real estate, facilities and market data and present actionable reports, dashboards and data visualizations. We overlay existing applications to help executives, business managers and other end users make sense of their sea of data and make more informed business decisions.


      We find that many organizations struggle to maximize the value of their investments in real estate technologies such as IWMS. JLL can provide embedded program support around technology alignment, systems administration, drawing and data administration, user support, reporting, data integrity and governance of process - all on top of your foundation of tools that make the CRE/FM machine run.

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