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A SaaS IWMS platform with robust financial management

Manhattan IWMS has you covered with unparalleled financial management features that your organization needs to succeed. If that's not impressive enough, consider's all in the cloud as a pure SaaS solution.

Business Intelligence

  • Business Intelligence


      Manhattan has created a variety of business intelligence applications for data access, reporting, forecasting and analytics that enable facility management and real estate organisations to effectively measure, manage and optimise their IWMS data to achieve the greatest efficiencies and financial benefit. They include both alphanumeric and visual reporting tools designed for executive presentations, daily performance monitoring and critical decision making.


      • Allows Manhattan customers to have an information based strategy for real estate portfolio optimisation
      • Provides a broad spectrum of business intelligence tools with customisable levels of access, reporting or analytics per user
      • Requires no IT support or training
      • Allows for both internal and external performance measurement and benchmarking


      • Access and Integration: Database Intelligence (DBI)
      • Reporting: Online, Standard, Report Writer and Wizard, Grids and Crystal
      • Visualization: CAD, GIS and Dashboards
      • Forecasting: Strategic Performance Management
      • Manhattan Analytics: Manhattan Analytics
  • Access and Integration


      Database Intelligence is an automation tool that allows system administrators to integrate data from the various IWMS modules for reporting and analytics.


      • Create reporting categories or sets of fields usable by reporting tools
      • No need to learn database schema, just point and click
      • Easy to use interface which allows hierarchies (geographies or organizational units) to be selected graphically, which may include many concepts such as property, projects, finance and lease


      • Select fields and user defined attributes for reporting
      • Create a specific view of the data that is accessible via Manhattan or third-party reporting
  • Reporting

      Online Reports

      • Next generation of reporting combining search, analytics, and navigation.
      • Convenient and powerful way to aggregate, summarize and review system data
      • Unique capability to update in real time for performance monitoring and management by exception

      Standard Reports

      • Delivered as part of the application
      • Organize and display information along with calculations to address common business situations and questions

      Report Writer

      • Fully editable formatting and customization
      • Create traditional formal reports from the breadth of Manhattan modules
      • Derives data from custom classifications defined during the implementation

      Report Wizard

      • Allows users to quickly and simply respond to daily inquiries
      • Ad hoc reporting tool allows users to perform a comprehensive search, then simply click on the fields to add to a report
      • One click to export data to any external formatting tool

  • Visualization


      Manhattan’s floor plan drawings provide an important visualization of space, marrying visual representation with IWMS data. SpaceWalker, the mobile space application, allows these floor plans to be updated in the field.


      Manhattan integrates with geographic information systems such as Google Maps and Esri’s ArcGIS platform. This visualization of data on a map allows users to discern patterns and information across a site, campus, city, region, country or the world.

      BIM (Building Information Modeling)

      Manhattan is integrated with Autodesk’s® building information model, Revit®, to provide information generated during a new construction/renovation project to populate the facility management database. This critical technological interface also allows information collected in Manhattan to be made visible in the 3D model for space management and operations and maintenance during the entire life-cycle of the building.


      This visual display of various charts and graphs provides summary information to update users on status, progress, critical dates, performance and other data within the various functional domains of the portfolio.

  • Forecasting


      Manhattan’s STRATEGIC PERFORMANCE MODELING module contains the tools necessary to effectively manage existing portfolio data for complex models, forecasts, or scenario plans. Users are afforded a 360-degree view of past, present and future performance of real estate data, portfolios, and financials, including “what if” scenarios and forecasts.


      • Ability to access multiple data sets from different IWMS modules for reporting and analysis
      • Easily set up pre-assigned data cubes for more efficient planning work
      • Incorporates hierarchies for reporting rollups across geographics and/or organizational structures


      • Utilizes data in a multi-dimensional format (data cubes) which provide powerful perspectives for analysis
      • Allows for the automatic extraction of data by sets of dimensions to explore models and scenarios which reduces risk and enables in-house investment decisions
      • Ability to create complex financial forecasting
  • Manhattan Analytics

      A new view of your real estate data

      Manhattan Analytics creates knowledge from IWMS and CAFM data so you can make more effective decisions to optimize your real estate portfolio. By blending data with scientific methodology, enhanced by Manhattan’s specialized expertise, MA give you a comprehensive view of your utilization, capacity, square footage, lease expirations and total cost of operations across your real estate and facilities portfolio.

      Grounded in simplicity, guided by client input

      Corporate Real Estate and Facility Management Executives, Managers and Planners collaborated with Manhattan Software experts to develop this revolutionary tool. The intuitive, easy to use application displays complex benchmarks and KPIs with clear but powerful charting and graphing functions. You will leverage the “big data” generated by your real estate facilities operations to produce actionable insights. Instead of waiting days or weeks for reports to be delivered, you can take control of your data and create your own views and:
      • Quickly identify trends and patterns
        • Spot outlier properties and drill in to determine key metrics:
        • Utilization and capacity by building
        • Inefficient buildings
        • Low occupancy/high cost
        • Efficient buildings
        • Opportunities for consolidation and improved utilization
      • Compare buildings over time and location
      • Compare to other portfolios
      • Plan for the future


      • Reduce costs and improve efficiencies by understanding historic trends and the existing state of a building’s performance
      • Manage risk in today’s transparent business climate with accurate reporting
      • Improve decision making by utilizing a structured framework to benchmark building information
      • Increase adoption: Extremely user friendly with no advanced IT skills necessary to run an analysis


      • Utilization of industry standard benchmarks, like IFMA, BOMA and OSCRE
      • Focus on the most critical FM and RE key performance metrics
      • Visualization of data a key component of the output, both with graphics and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integration
      • Works with both CAFM and IWMS data sets
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