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A SaaS IWMS platform with robust financial management

Manhattan IWMS has you covered with unparalleled financial management features that your organization needs to succeed. If that's not impressive enough, consider's all in the cloud as a pure SaaS solution.

Sustainability & Energy Management

  • Manhattan IWMS - Sustainability


      Manhattan is leading more sustainable real estate practices by extending its industry-leading IWMS in a more advanced direction with Manhattan’s Green Real Estate and Asset Technology (GREAT) initiative. The GREAT approach is based on the belief that sustainability is not only a separate category of IWMS applications, but an underlying functionality that runs through the entire lifecycle of the built environment – just as financial planning and management runs through the entire suite of Manhattan products. Manhattan’s functionality for sustainable building operations includes:

      • Manhattan is the repository for all sustainable-related data for buildings and land in the real estate portfolio database. Relevant data can be extracted from in-house and external service delivery organizations and combined with information collected within the Manhattan database. This includes data on all building related activities, including leasing (e.g., green leases), facility management, utilities, operations and capital projects.
      Energy Management
      • Users can monitor meter recordings and statistics as well as generate a cost comparison analysis using the Manhattan Energy Management module. Readings can be imported through an interface with third party energy systems and be displayed on a Manhattan Dashboard with other key performance indicators (KPIs). The energy management module automates the load and validation of billing data in standard formats.
      Carbon Footprint Reporting
      • Manhattan has been used to extend KPI analyses to create unique dashboards to demonstrate a company’s carbon footprint performance (CFP) against industry and government benchmarks. The system provides an automated CFP calculator that takes into account the carbon off-set at the building level.


      • Ensure sustainability is part of all work done in real estate and facility management
      • Track building performance data in real time
      • Calculate savings and investments in sustainable new and renovation projects
      • Reduce and mitigate environmental risk
      • Reduce operations and real estate costs
      • Ensure eco-effectiveness of all projects, reducing the amount of resources needed to produce products and services, while increasing profit and decreasing the environmental impact
      • Improve productivity for workers in environmentally friendly buildings
  • Financial Management


      From inception, Manhattan was designed and built with financial management and accounting at its core. This unique Financial Management module helps organizations analyze and optimize their overall Total Cost of Occupancy for Real Estate & Facility Management. It provides a real estate-specific sub-ledger and other financial and accounting tools that allow organizations to evaluate their real estate spend while practicing sound accounting principles. Real estate and FM professionals now have visibility into their entire spend at a granular, real estate ledger level.

      The Financial Management module is the best connection to accounting, finance and other business units to provide detailed data on the daily operations and strategic performance of any real estate portfolio, property by property.


      • Preparedness for the anticipated FASB/IASB regulatory accounting changes
      • Track costs in the Manhattan RE Ledger at a more detailed level than an ERP system
      • Compliance with both and GAAP and FASB/IASB
      • Seamless budgeting and forecasting across all modules
      • Report on these costs with configurable dashboards, wizards, maps, on-line reports and portals


      • Real estate specific GL with granular charge codes
      • Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable
      • Full payment processing functionality
      • Multiple ledgers, multiple currencies, multiple languages and multiple periods
      • Double entry accounting with true debits and credits
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