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2016 Q2 ARCHIBUS Virtual Users' Group

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2016 Q2 ARCHIBUS Virtual Users' Group

28-Jun-2016 10:00 am CT

2016 Q2 ARCHIBUS Virtual Users' Group

Virtual Users' Group

In this session we’ll feature an opening ARCHIBUS News and Updates feature from Reeves Davis, Vice President of the BRG ARCHIBUS Practice. He’ll provide the audience with more information regarding the JLL acquisition of BRG. He’ll also recap ARCHIBUS Nexus 2016 while giving a high level introduction to ARCHIBUS v23.

The second portion of the Users’ Group is a deep-dive into ARCHIBUS v23 with featured vignettes presented by a BRG All-Star Team - Amber Severson, Massi Coe, Russell Womer, Todd Hutton and Reeves Davis! The topics will include…

  • New Strategic Financial Analysis Activity
  • Publishing and Viewing 3D Enterprise Graphics
  • Smart Client Enhancements
  • Mobile Improvements
  • Home Page Editor
  • Native Teamspace and Strategic Space Planning Updates
  • Asset Management and Building Operations Improvements
  • New Energy Management Features

As always, we’ll end the session with Tips and Tricks, however it will be presented by Todd Hutton and Amber Severson while Kevin Zimmer enjoys a highly deserved vacation in the sunshine at Disney World with his family. This Users’ Group is not-to-miss and one of a kind. We truly hope you’re able to attend!

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