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CMAA Capital Projects Symposium 2016

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CMAA Capital Projects Symposium 2016


CMAA Capital Projects Symposium 2016

Hilton Austin

Austin, Texas

CMAA's Capital Projects Symposium 2016 is a high-level conference that will explore how professional construction management enhances quality of life by fostering improvements in our built environment and better use of resources.

Allen Angle, BRG's BIM/VDC Manager, will speak on "How Many Architects or Project Engineers Does it Take to Print a Drawing?" alongside Stiles Construction. The construction industry varies widely in its degree of tech adoption. However, there is one electronic format that has been universally adopted by the entire industry for more than a decade: the portable document format (PDF). PDFs can optimize data sharing capabilities and bring the industry closer to universal BIM adoption. This session will demonstrate the key steps that a project team can take to leverage the PDF file as a way to 'bridge the gap' between paper and digital deliverables on our path towards full industry BIM adoption.

For more information about his presentation, please contact us.


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