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Unleashing The Full Potential Of The Workforce And The Workplace

iOffice believes that the power of the workspace lies in the people who bring it to life.


Designed to help you plan, build and grow.

With iOffice JLL’s experienced team of professionals give you technology that’s easy, smart and works like you do – mobile, configurable and open. iOffice is 100% SaaS, with continuous automated updates and improvements and includes an unlimited user licensing model to engage your whole team, globally and locally.

Space Management

iOffice helps you effectively manage space today and for the office of the future. This is difficult and time-consuming if you are using static copies of floor plans that have to be manually updated. Facility Managers need Space Management Software that is easy to use and implement, provides accurate, real-time information in a couple of clicks…and is cost-effective…


Move Management

Successful organizations are in a constant state of change – responding to continuous shifts in the economy, the global marketplace, workforce trends, and technology. iOffice Move Management allows you to coordinate the multiple and varying tasks associated with moving employees and assets across your enterprise…


Facility Management / Service Request

iOffice Facility Maintenance or Service Request makes property and facility management easier and more efficient. Workspace Leaders are tasked with creating and maintaining facilities that attract employee talent, promote sustainability and minimize ongoing operational expenses. This cannot be accomplished using cumbersome communication and reporting mechanisms such as email and spreadsheets.


Asset Tracking

Workspace Leaders have a wide-range of assets to track and maintain – from building assets, such as air-handling units, cooling towers and pumps, to office assets, such as life-safety equipment, art, audio/visual equipment, printers, shredders and coffee machines. The scope of every inventory is different. With iOffice Asset Tracking you can track location, contract terms and ongoing maintenance of tangible assets in real time…


Room Reservation

iOffice Room Reservation allows more efficient use of space assets and more flexibility for the workforce. Real estate is a company’s 2nd largest expense behind employees, but unfortunately nearly 50% of your office space is vacant at any given time. This can be the result of the lack of a space management tool to track occupancy or it could be that your workforce is mobile and not in the office full-time…


Visitor Management

In today’s world, a visitor’s first impression of an organization is probably gleaned through the company website. However, an impression is also formed when a guest visits the company’s physical office location. Typically, visitors must register their attendance with a receptionist. The more sophisticated method for registering a guest is with technology and not a paper visitor log…


Mailroom Management

Even though the trend is to move away from paper-based communication, it is a trend that will not immediately eliminate mission critical items such as checks, contracts, proposals etc. from being received through a company’s mail center. To maintain integrity of the internal delivery cycle, it is essential to verify and track the date and time of delivery and who received the item…

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