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Unleashing The Full Potential Of The Workforce And The Workplace

iOffice believes that the power of the workspace lies in the people who bring it to life.

Move Management

Seamlessly coordinate employee and asset moves, adds or changes with minimal disruptions.

Successful organizations are in a constant state of change and need the ability to grow and reorganize their work effectively.

The Move Module allows you to coordinate the multiple and varying tasks associated with moving employees and assets across your enterprise. It allows all parties involved in fulfilling the request to receive real time updates and task lists to facilitate accurate, timely moves, ensuring employee productivity is unaffected.

  • Coordinate large-scale moves to new buildings or locations
  • Coordinate multiple task groups involved in a move

Request Queue
  • Consolidate request queue showing move requests submitted by end-users and move requests generated via the space module
  • Ability to view all requests in a single queue or create virtual move queues by building or department to view moves pertaining to specific needs
  • Monitor real time status of requests

Online Requests
  • Online move requests and status checks
  • Dynamic move tickets generate tasks based on functional support requirements
  • Tasks dispatched via email
  • Tickets can be created for multiple occupants or assets with different request types
  • Moves viewable on floor plans for graphical view of move request
  • Batch moves created by live search by location, department, etc.
  • Fully integrated with floor plans to update occupant and asset data in real time
  • Online archive of requests, employee history, asset changes, and profile data

Complete Portal Integration

The iOffice Move Module is integrated with the portal data backbone so that updates and changes are universally shared providing a complete office and facility management suite. Workflow integration with other modules is also available. This includes:

  • Space Module integration, which allows archived move tickets to automatically update floor plans. In addition, any move request can be viewed graphically on the floor plan and any move created via drag-and-drop on the floor plan can automatically generate a move ticket.
  • Asset Module integration, which allows assets to be viewed and profiles accessed via the floor plans. Assets can be dragged and dropped on the floor plan and locations updated on-the-fly. Conversely, a link to the floor maps is accessible via the asset profile for viewing location.
  • Service Request Module integration, which allows the location of the requester and or the asset to be pinged on the floor map from the work order.
  • Mail Module integration which allows package delivery locations to be automatically updated when an occupant moves.
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