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BRG doesn't just implement IWMS solutions. We also go above and beyond to help our clients drive additional value from their IWMS investment.


OSIS is a web-based integration and business intelligence solution for presenting infrastructure data to your entire organization. OSIS combines industry standard CAD, GIS and IWMS tools into an easy-to-use web portal that provides a single source for data analysis. Reports and analytics are linked to site and building plans, and a powerful search engine allows users to quickly find and display what they need.

Integrated GIS
GIS data can be integrated in OSIS from any source - including native Autodesk files, local ESRI source data, and licensed information from other providers. Access to GIS data is natively integrated and secured within OSIS.

Intelligent Floor Plans
OSIS provides web-based access to your native facility floor plans with dynamic highlighting and labeling based on real time information from your corporate databases - all without the publishing of rendition files.

Reporting and Analytics
The OSIS engine allows for quick access to detailed data and extensive analysis tools. OSIS reports are natively integrated into floor plans and maps and are managed with drag and drop authoring tools. Portlet components provide quick insight to key information for each user. From News to Shortcuts to performance management metrics and KPIs, users can choose the components that make sense for them.

Total Security
All of your data and spatial graphics are secure with OSIS. A variety of authentication protocols are supported to match your corporate standards and the solution keeps data secure with an unlimited number of security roles and groupings.

Customized for Every User
Users can select their own screen layout, colors, dashboard and system behavior. Entire OSIS features can be turned off for users that prefer simplified or tailored interfaces and experiences.
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