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What We Do

Aligning people, process and technology with business strategy

Portfolio and Lease | Projects | Space and Moves | Maintenance and Operations | Sustainability

CRE Technology Consulting

  • Strategy and roadmaps
  • Maturity assessment
  • Business intelligence strategy
  • Data governance strategy
  • Software selection

IWMS Diagnostics and Rescue

  • Health checks
  • Improvement enhancements
  • System tuning and optimization
  • Training and staff augmentation

IoT (Internet of Things) Strategy

  • Utilization projects and programs
  • Smart workplace
  • Predictive and cognitive analytics
  • Big data governance and analytics
  • IoT technology platform
  • Mobile interface
  • Integration planning

Software and Infrastructure

  • iOffice
  • AWS cloud hosting
  • OSIS
  • RED BI solutions

Implementation and Support Services

  • Design and configuration
  • Integration and data
  • Technical support
  • Upgrade, maintenance and enhancement
  • Training and hypercare

Spatial Data Services

  • CAD/BIM and data administration
  • Virtual design and construction
  • Field verification and production services
  • CAD and data administration training

IWMS Managed Services

  • Strategic alignment
  • Training and support
  • Data and process governance
  • System administration
  • Reporting and analytics

Common Organizational Challenges

"Our systems are not user-friendly and adoption rates are low. Our internal support and infrastructure is too costly and less responsive than we would like."
-Associate Director, Technology Enablement
"We are unable to pull the types of reports and analytics we need from our systems. Our data quality is extremely poor and unreliable."
-VP of Real Estate
"We have many disparate systems that aren’t aligning. We have no long-term technology investment strategy or roadmap."
-Sr. Director, Real Estate Plans and Programs
"Our business units tell us they don't have enough space, but our floors look half empty."
-Workplace Planning Manager

Value Propositions

We provide capabilities across the complete technology spectrum - delivering unique solutions in all areas of leading IWMS technologies, Business Intelligence and consulting.
We’ve completed over 300 unique customer IWMS implementations encapsulating over 5000 projects and expansions.
With hundreds of members on the JLL TS team, we are one of the largest teams of ARCHIBUS, IBM TRIRIGA, Manhattan, CenterStone, FM:Systems, and/or iOffice certifications around the globe.
Our team has engaged in Business Partner relationships with ARCHIBUS since 1995, IBM TRIRIGA since 2007, and Trimble/Manhattan since 2011.
Our proven implementation methodology creates a clearly defined path to success while addressing the ever present risks. Our customer satisfaction rate is above 98%.
Our JLL TS leadership team leads Enterprise Technology Strategy courses around the world for CoreNet Global’s Masters of Corporate Real Estate (MCR) Program.
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